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About us

Danalogic...the right choice for today's NHS

Millions of people of all ages suffer from hearing loss in the UK today. Our mission with Danalogic  is to help people rediscover hearing so they can continue living rich, active and fulfilling lives.

Danalogic has a proud history in the NHS, continually raising the technology bar and breaking new ground. We were key to the NHS adoption of digital instruments via the MHAS project, pioneered the practice of offering up-to-date technology to the NHS and offer the widest range of products and fitting solutions.

This tradition continues with our newer range Danalogic i-FIT and most recently Danalogic i-FIT e-Series and i-FIT c-Series. Cutting edge technology and simple fitting solutions are combined in a range of instruments that can fit any hearing loss, need or preference. Our products are simple to use, easy to fit, comfortable to wear and offer great sound quality – even in noise.

We believe that in partnership with the NHS, Danalogic can help improve the lives of people with hearing loss.

We believe in choice, efficiency and quality for all patients.