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Danalogic i-FIT

Hearing aid wearer Frances reviews her wireless accessories and the benefits they bring in a range of difficult to hear situations.

Millions of people of all ages suffer from hearing loss in the UK today. Our mission with Danalogic hearing instruments is to help people rediscover their hearing so they can continue to live rich, active and fulfilling lives.

Danalogic has a proud history in the NHS working with audiology teams since 2000. Our product legacy speaks for itself. We were the first company to make digital hearing instruments available to the NHS and this built our reputation for reliability, sound quality and design. In 2010 we launched Danalogic i-FIT which delivered high performance speech clarity in the most challenging situations.

Our latest product offering continues and enhances this legacy. Danalogic i-FIT e-Series and i-FIT c-Series are simple to use, comfortable to wear and offer great sound quality – even in noise.

We believe that in partnership with the NHS, Danalogic i-FIT can help improve the lives of people with hearing loss.

We believe in choice, efficiency and quality for all patients.

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User Guides

i-FIT e/c-Series
PDF icon Behind the ear models
(Adobe PDF 1.8 mb)
PDF icon Receiver in ear models
(Adobe PDF 2.3 mb)
PDF icon In the ear models
(Adobe PDF 1.3 mb)
i-FIT Classic
PDF icon Behind the ear and receiver in ear models
(Adobe PDF 1 mb)
PDF icon Mini behind the ear
(Adobe PDF 1.5 mb)
PDF icon 6090 SP
(Adobe PDF 1.6 mb)
PDF icon Clip
(Adobe PDF 172 kb)
ReSound Up
PDF icon ReSound Up
(Adobe PDF 2.5Mb)