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It can take a little while to get used to wearing a hearing aid and you may have a few questions to begin with. Please see below for some frequently asked questions. If you have further questions that are not answered below, the user guide for your particular Danalogic i-FIT aid may be able to help. 

How long will the batteries on my i-FIT hearing aids last?

Battery life typically ranges from 8-20 days but can vary considerably depending on the hearing aid model, level of amplification, use of wireless streaming (if applicable) and how many hours per day the hearing aid is used.

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Where can I get batteries for my hearing aids?

The audiology department that provided your hearing aids is the best place to obtain batteries. The department will also be able to inform you of any other local organisations that provide these. 

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How do I switch my hearing aids off and on?

You can switch your hearing aid off by opening the battery door to the first click or fully opening it. To switch it back on simply close the batter door.

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How do I change the battery?

To change the battery on your hearing aid, open the battery door fully and remove the old battery taking care to note the direction of the positive side face. You can then replace with a new battery (remember to remove the sticker from the battery if applicable).

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How can I tell the left hearing aid from the right?

Your audiologist may have put a blue marker on the left aid and a red marker on the right aid. If these are not visible, contact your audiologist who will be able to help you.

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How do I change the volume?

If it is activated and your hearing aid has a toggle switch, press up to increase and down to decrease the volume. The hearing aid will beep for each increase/decrease and will make a longer, lower-pitched beep when the maximum or minimum volume is reached.

If the volume control is activated and your hearing aid has a volume wheel, roll the wheel up to increase the volume and roll it down to decrease the volume. The wheel will stop when the maximum or minimum volume is reached.

Note: For clinical reasons, your audiologist may not activate the volume control.

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How and when do I replace the tube?

If the tube that connects your hearing aid to your ear mould or receiver is damaged, ask your audiologist to replace the tube. Generally, this needs to be changed every 4-6 months.

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What does each button on my hearing aid do?

If there is a toggle switch it will control the volume (if activated by your audiologist). If there is a push button it will control the programme/setting on your hearing aid (if activated by your audiologist). You may, for example, have a setting that reduces background noise or makes the aid pick up more sound from in front than behind.

If you find the buttons on your hearing aid do not affect anything, it may be that your audiologist has not activated this control and there might be a clinical reason for this.

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How do I switch on the telecoil /T setting?

If this feature is activated, the push button will allow you to switch this on. Your audiologist will be able to inform you of how many button presses are needed.

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Can I wear only one of my hearing aids?

If your audiologist has given you a hearing aid for each ear they will have been programmed to be used together*. You can wear only one but you may not get the full benefit that you would with both. Wearing both will be particularly helpful in terms of telling where sounds are coming from and also with hearing speech in background noise.

*In certain clinical situations, a pair of aids may be set up to be used separately (e.g. if you are prone to persistent ear infections) however if this is the case your audiologist will inform you of this at the time of your fitting.

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User Guides

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