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Micro Mic and Multi Mic

Patients can enjoy exceptional speech understanding with the Micro Mic, even in a noisy place, and extend their hearing range by up to 25 metres in clear line of sight. The Multi Mic works like the Micro Mic but also doubles as a table microphone, connects with loop and FM systems, and has a mini-jack input to stream sounds from other audio devices

The iFit CS91w – the new standard in NHS superpower hearing aids

The all new CS91w from Danalogic is both more powerful and smaller than other superpower hearing aids.  It delivers clear and vibrant sound that makes it easy for even long-term hearing aid wearers to adapt to, but the direct wireless link to a full range of wireless accessories opens up a world of opportunities to transform the life of the superpower user.  But don’t take our word for it.  Let your patients tell you.  
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