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danalogic Ambio

Giving people a better experience

danalogic Ambio - Our latest product, created specifically for the NHS and now on contract. We have gained valuable input from working with audiologists across the country, to create this great new product portfolio to give your patients a better experience.



















Help your patients control their hearing experience

Remote fine tuning App

With the remote assist function, you can engage your patients directly to achieve a better fit-to-preference.  Being able to make minor adjustments remotely to their hearing device, saving time on appointments, making care more accessible for patients especially if they live far away.  Therefore saving time/money on travel, with increased patient satisfaction.        

BeMore Smartphone App

The BeMore App allows patients to discreetly control and personalise their hearing devices. Via the App they can make adjustments to speech clarity, noise, directionality, bass/middle/ treble gain, the Tinnitus sound generator (if enabled in fitting software) and control streaming devices. All without touching and drawing attention to their hearing device.

To find out more about danalogic Ambio and its great features, please contact us     

danalogic Ambio model lineup