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ReSound Up

ReSound Up - Every word matters

ReSound model lineup

Clear, comfortable sound at every output level

ReSound Up™ is a line-up of small, attractive and powerful wireless BTEs for mild to severe-profound hearing losses. They provide consistently clear, comfortable sound even at high output levels by applying proven, industry-transforming Surround Sound by ReSound™ technologies to hearing care for children:

  • Warp Processing
    a unique frequency-warping technology that bases amplification on an accurate model of cochlear frequency analysis. Warp Processing is the foundation of clear sound. Wide Dynamic Range Compression, which mimics the function of the normal cochlea to make soft sounds audible and loud sounds comfortable

  • DFS Ultra™ II
    which suppresses feedback in just about every conceivable situation, without sacrificing appropriate gain. DFS Ultra™ II can help increase speech exposure because when there is no feedback, parents are less likely to remove a child’s hearing instruments

  • Features to grow with
    ReSound Up™ also includes advanced ReSound features you can use when suitable. Unique Binaural Fusion technologies based on 2.4 GHz wireless technology is one example. Binaural Directionality™ provides excellent speech understanding while preserving full situational awareness. Binaural Environmental Optimizer II™ applies appropriate gain and noise reduction with respect to seven predefined listening environments.